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What server were you banned on?: Hide And Seek

In Game Name:  尼基塔Nuvick卡尔波夫

Why were you banned?: i sent a trade reguest to XxxHeadshotxxX and he give me warn because i'm trade spam, later 1 man pushing admin i'm laugh and this admin give me warn i'm not pushing him

Who banned you?: XxxHeadshotxxX

How will you avoid being banned in the future?: I'm dont do trade spam

Why Should we accept you back?: Because he ban me for (Trolling) he give me mute 2 warns and gag i'm play all day on server and have 10+ skins! ( NOT ME PUSHING HIM)

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I asked you so many times to stop, 5 hours bothering about drops, sending me(and for some other players) trade requests all the time, spamming, pushing and after the 2nd warn, you was following me and blocking me for 2 rounds...

That was the reason for your ban...

Next time you need to respect the rules and when a staff ask you to stop doing something, you just stop...

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I agree with headshot here, as when i was in the server at this time, it was constant trade requests and constant i want i wants.

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I remember you, you kept sending trade requests to me as well.
I can't comment on the pushing, as that is very subjective, however I can see in the logs you were annoying other players about trading

Line 750: [13:52:16] Kapoka: who need trade?
Line 776: [13:56:14] Kapoka: who need trade?
Line 778: [13:57:08] Kapoka: who need trade?!
Line 780: [13:57:45] Kapoka: who need trade?
Line 826: [14:05:33] Kapoka: who need trade?
Line 917: [14:23:32] Kapoka: go trade?
Line 926: [14:25:21] Kapoka: who go trade?
Line 965: [14:32:54] Kapoka: who go trade?
Line 1037: [14:49:54] Kapoka: maybe trade?
Line 1069: [14:56:47] Kapoka: Go trade?
Line 1458: [16:20:16] Kapoka: ultra jump cant trade
Line 1577: [16:36:27] Kapoka: you sent me trade
Line 1731: [16:55:20] Kapoka: accept trade nemo

Your ban is only for 3 days and will expire tomorrow, I suggest you take this time to reflect on how you act on my servers, and listen to the staff when they tell you to do something, or in this case stop something.

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