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Miyunii ❦

The Story Game

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Why not stir up the forum a little with a nice little game on the forum.

I didn't know where else to put it, so I just put it in Open Discussion :P


Anyway, it's a game where one person starts the first sentence of a story (as example, "Once upon a time...")

The rules are as followed:


1. Only 4 words (Take a look at example if you don't understand)

2. It must fit the story

3. No double posting (Posting more words right after you made a post containing 4 words.)


Well, I guess some people already know the game anyway so let's start:

Once upon a time...


(If anyone knows or can explain it better than me, please tell me so I can edit xD)

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♥ BadChickSarah ♥' pid='539' dateline='1464384604']

danceing cola bottle with


Grammar nazi upcoming: dancing*



the one and only

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