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jerrylomber Ban Appeal

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What server were you banned on?: Galaxy Gaming Prop Hunt

In Game Name: Jerry_Lomber

Why were you banned?: I was banned for ghosting with a friend

Who banned you?: Queen Lexi

How will you avoid being banned in the future?: We won't ghost when other players join the server, in fact, we'll just leave the server if that happens. We promise not to break the rules again, for this is one of the only servers we play on.

Why Should we accept you back?: It was a mistake, we joined the server because it was empty at the time, just so we could mess around and have fun. Unfortunately, more people joined and a few moderators and we still were playing on the server. We actually weren't ghosting at the time, and the moderator turned my friend's mic on and heard him say "spot". The truth is, we were ghosting when we were alone, but when we were playing with the other people, we were just talking about what was happening. He wasn't giving away anyone's spot. He was telling me how "I died because I was in a bad spot". It was a total coincidence that I just so happen to be around Queen Lexi when she turned on my friend's mic, because the barrels weren't in their correct position. I also killed Iron (sorry I forget his full name), he was a news paper on the coffee machine, and he was also in disbelief when I killed him, but I was checking everything on the counter by trying to pick up the objects. I wasn't able to pick him up so I shot and killed him. That may have also given them some suspicion. A few rounds before that they thought that I was ghosting again, but I wasn't. Me and my friend were in a call because whenever one of us would die, we would study for our math exams. I hope this clears some things up, and we are truly sorry for ghosting when no one else was in the server, but it was just us, we are also sorry for making any of the moderators worried that we were ghosting when it wasn't just us. As I said before, this is one of the only servers we play on. My friend has also written a ban appeal. I hope we can get this sorted out, and we truly are sorry.


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Actually scratch my last post, I cant find any trace of you ever playing on my servers

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