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[TMG] RobordorT8

RobordorT8 ban appeal

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Date Banned: 5/11/2017-12/11/2017

What Server You Were Banned On: hide&seek, prop hunt (i think every server of galaxy gaming).

Reason Why You Were Banned: 'still expoiting the jump boosters even when told not to repeatedly' (is what is being said).

Why you want to be unbanned: because I stopped doing it right away and I completely follow the rules from when it was told me. I hope to be unbanned quickly since I love this server.

How you will avoid being banned in the future: so basicaly jwgamesuk told me to stop exploiting with the boosters and from then of I stopped doing it right away (i didn't realize it was against the rules). I don't really understand why I get this ban from him now since it happened like a week ago. I don't think that there is any reason for the ban right now.

Any other information: I totally understand his anger and I'm sorry about I did. I hope to get unbanned quickly.

By the way I wasn't the only one exploiting with the boosters but I am the only one banned.


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