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old_Phaze_7 PC

New maps + player models

4 posts in this topic


The Swamp - I'm really not sure about this map. It looks well made, I just think it would suck for seekers. The whole map is one big hiding spot and theres no way the seekers would ever be able to search the whole map. Going to say no to it for now


[TTT] Icevault [beta] - Could be good for up to 8 players, it's not a huge map. Adding it for now, we'll see how it goes.


ttt_mc_skyislands - Had it before, not the best hide and seek map, especially not with jump boosters. 


rp_denon - I do like this map, even if it is on the large side. Unfortunately there are missing textures in it that arent part of CSS or HL2


slash_selvage - looks promising. Seems to be a proper invisible wall outside the map. Will add for now and see how it goes. Im thinking 12-24 players for this map.


slash_summercamp - not as keen on this one, it's well made but it's another one of those maps where seeking = run randomly through the trees and hope to find someone




MCOC Spiderman Homecoming [PM/NPC/Ragdoll] - legs are fucked up when landing


Future Flash Playermodel and NPCs - I feel this model would be so much cooler if the glow colour was bodygrouped so you could change it, adding anyway.


Sagiri Izumi P.M. & NPC - no :P


ExC4lliber's - legs fuck up as well

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