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Miyunii ❦

Team Fortress 2 Servers

Should there be TF2 servers?   5 members have voted

  1. 1. Should there be TF2 servers?

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    • No
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I was thinking, we only have Garry's Mod servers right now, right?

How about also making some TF2 servers? I mean, Team Fortress 2 is still an thing, and its still popular

The thing is, I don't really know what other people think about it, or what the owners think about it, so I don't really know if this will happen or not.


One of the few reasons why I suggest it is

1. It might be able to boost the community a bit

2. There is alot you can do with TF2 servers (example: VSH, FF2, Randomizer... etc)

3. Just like we have pointshop on GMOD, there is also an mod for an TF2 ingame shop


If it is too expensive for Galaxy Gaming, then ofcourse I could understand that it won't be a thing

Also, sorry if this is poorly written or not explained good enough, didn't get enough sleep and I'm tired as hell lol




#Thanks MeeM\|.̿_̿.|/ for bringing me on this idea :)


(I also understand that TF2 might be dying right now, but still, giving it a chance won't be bad)

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If we can get the plan to go into action then i would love to be involved it's qutie a good idea :D

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If this were to happen, ofcourse I'd love to be involved aswell (As in terms of being staff)

The thing we could do is like, assign some staffs to gmod only, and some to TF2 only


If this were to happen that is :P

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