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Miyunii ❦

Possibility to disable getting pushed?

How do you think about this idea?   1 member has voted

  1. 1. How do you think about this idea?

    • It's a good idea.
    • Nah, I don't mind the pushing

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As some may know, we have pushing on the Hide & Seek server, but some people use it to push other people from their spot.

As I was thinking, is there any possibility to have a button/command so you can disable getting pushed by other people? 


Not that the pushing is that bad, but it might work out for some people that get pushed nonstop.

Either way, I'll just add a random poll asking if they like the idea or not :P


I do know pushing is part of the game, but I heard people complain about getting pushed from their spot, that's why I requested this.

If there is no possibility for it or if this isn't a good idea, then thats fine by me :P

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Honestly, I added this for shit 'n giggles. But if it gets to the point where people want to have an option to have it disabled for them specifically, then there's no point for it to be there at all.


So no, we're not adding something like this. Worst case scenario I'll be removing the pushing all together.

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Well you might be right about that

Well it was only a suggestion, I can live with the pushing anyway.


To be fairly honest, I just created this suggestion on behalf of the people who might be annoyed by it, I myself don't really struggle with it anyway


Either way, I understand that in the worst case scenario pushing could be removed.

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