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      New Games   12/02/17

      Galaxy Gaming has expanded!
      We now have a DayZ and Minecraft server, connection details can be found in the "Our Servers" list
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      Forum Upgrade   02/26/18

      Hi Everyone, 

      As you can see I've upgraded the forums and it's become a bit of a mess. You will need to go into your profile settings and choose to sync your photo with steam manually.


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Found 1 result

  1. tell me what I did wrong ?

    why do you ban me , " reason You have been told to remove that requset an unban @ Galaxy-Gaming.eu " what is the request that you are talking about which request you have told me I dond get any message from you... -me today- I got some time to play so trying to play in the map but I was need to download the map it took me the time but when I got to play finally I was going for 1 round because I didn't have time to play at mid day so I disconnected and now(mid night) when I finally got the time to play I going to play then I got the >Ban message< now I can't have fun in the server because I got >Ban message< so I am asking why I got ban and can you remove the ban...? how can it be to get ban of 1 round ... that's why I got ban of playing only 1 round ? wow I am playing for 2 years this server and get ban of playing of 1 round... please remove the ban my yousr name : joker_xd_xpp / JOKER the name of the guy ban me : [GG] Incursu