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  1. New Forums

    I'm totally not know as Nepgear, Plutia, Kowmarri or any other name *whistle*
  2. Is Galaxy Gaming dying?

    I've noticed lately on my short visits to Galaxy Gaming, I noticed the servers and the forum seem to be getting empty I'm just wondering, is it close to becoming empty? It's kinda sad to see a server you loved becoming all the more empty I would be willing to return for the sake of bringing it back to life, although, I'm kinda powerless in that type of situation Also for anyone wondering, I've quit TF2 (forever now, as I removed every single inventory item and or crate.) And this boardgame I'm playing is fun, but not something you could play 24/7. Anyways, hi o/
  3. Hello Again xD

    *looks at that* *looks back at me being here* yeaaaaah...
  4. Hello Again xD

    rip tfj darkside yooooooooooo
  5. Donators list

    You guys sure went up with the donations..
  6. Sup guys!

    Helllooooo c:
  7. Resigning from Galaxy Gaming

  8. Umm

    If you apply for trusted, it'll be for all the servers, jus go to the trusted applications section and make sure you use the template or it will get denied
  9. Umm

    I don't really understand what you mean with "set place" But if you mean to apply for trusted, sure, do so
  10. Recent Inactivity + Retiring

    As you all know, most of the staff members seem to be inactive (Atleast, that is how it looks to me, correct me if I'm wrong.) I don't know the reason about that, but to me, it seems the community is a bit, how do I say it without sounding bad, dead? I am inactive aswell, and I completely understand that, and I have come to an conclusion to fix that, I will be retiring as an staff member. Yes I know it won't affect much. (Atleast that is what I think) This isn't me leaving GG entirely, I will come visit the servers sometimes, just not as much like how I used to. And no, it's not the cause of me playing Team Fortress 2 again, It's just that I seem to have grown bored of Garry's Mod (and this time for real.) I'm sorry for not saying this when I should have to, I just didn't know how to word it. Besides that, thanks for having me in the team Also, thanks for letting me make many friends sorry if this is poorly written, I'm tired as fuck ._.
  11. Recent Inactivity + Retiring

    Thanks valky
  12. [SOLVED]My donator rank is gone

    No problem
  13. [SOLVED]My donator rank is gone

    Fixed it for you, if it still doesn't work contact the owners. You were set back to the user rank for some reason.
  14. Team Fortress 2 Servers

    I was thinking, we only have Garry's Mod servers right now, right? How about also making some TF2 servers? I mean, Team Fortress 2 is still an thing, and its still popular The thing is, I don't really know what other people think about it, or what the owners think about it, so I don't really know if this will happen or not. One of the few reasons why I suggest it is 1. It might be able to boost the community a bit 2. There is alot you can do with TF2 servers (example: VSH, FF2, Randomizer... etc) 3. Just like we have pointshop on GMOD, there is also an mod for an TF2 ingame shop If it is too expensive for Galaxy Gaming, then ofcourse I could understand that it won't be a thing Also, sorry if this is poorly written or not explained good enough, didn't get enough sleep and I'm tired as hell lol Greetings, Jesse #Thanks MeeM\|.̿_̿.|/ for bringing me on this idea (I also understand that TF2 might be dying right now, but still, giving it a chance won't be bad)
  15. Team Fortress 2 Servers

    This won't be a thing anyway, so this post can be closed now Atleast I tried
  16. Messed up chats

  17. We need more players

    Team Fortress 2 Servers Now serious, I'm kinda sorry myself for not playing much, but I'm taking an small break from playing Garry's Mod, hope you guys understand that Besides that, I'm gonna try and think of ways how we could get more players.
  18. What are your favorite games?

    It's always fun to know everyones favorite games Mine right now are 1. Hyperdimension Neptunia Series 2. 100% Orange Juice 3. Team Fortress 2 4. Danganronpa Series You can also try recommending as to why you like that game For some "weebs" like me, you could try playing Neptunia or 100% Orange Juice They are both fantastic games, while they are both games that make you laugh, the storys are also good. (Not that 100% Orange Juice really has story, ohwell) Danganronpa in this case is something you should sure try, the games are about highschool students with special talents killing eachother, and the story behind is pretty "despairful". The class trials are the best part of the game, and also the hardest ones Well, that's all I can recommend for now.
  19. What are your favorite games?

    Sonic 06 was best game ever! Serious now, the music is pretty good, and the story also was good, just the game itself was all buggy 'n shit. Basically, it was almost impossible to play it with the amount of bugs. Anyway, have the best track of the game: [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-EsHiMGsmM
  20. Team Fortress 2 Servers

    If this were to happen, ofcourse I'd love to be involved aswell (As in terms of being staff) The thing we could do is like, assign some staffs to gmod only, and some to TF2 only If this were to happen that is
  21. The Story Game

    Why not stir up the forum a little with a nice little game on the forum. I didn't know where else to put it, so I just put it in Open Discussion Anyway, it's a game where one person starts the first sentence of a story (as example, "Once upon a time...") The rules are as followed: 1. Only 4 words (Take a look at example if you don't understand) 2. It must fit the story 3. No double posting (Posting more words right after you made a post containing 4 words.) Well, I guess some people already know the game anyway so let's start: Once upon a time... (If anyone knows or can explain it better than me, please tell me so I can edit )
  22. The Story Game

    while redias makes some Btw, this thread seems to be dead, where is the fun guys?
  23. New Wallpaper

    Looks fine even if its black & white. Nice work
  24. New Wallpaper

    It looks good But, what is that eye-like thing in the upperleft corner? also, imo it could use some more colors though..
  25. really big game of golf

    Don't even own that game