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  1. Im new

    Hai @at@ Welcome to the community. Enjoy your stay and hopefully see you in the servers.
  2. New Forums

    Whelp I made it here early I guess xD, btw loving the new design jay looks so much better. So yeah I guess my account needs to be fixed, here we go
  3. Hello Again xD

    Yeah i've edited my name on steam don't worry
  4. Hello Again xD

    So... Hi (i don't know how to start this) I've decided after problems that happened with the fart jar that i'm coming back onto the servers a bit more and hopefully (not for now) but I would love to return as staff and help out the server again So expect to see more of this face again Dark
  5. Resigning from Galaxy Gaming

    yeah sorry maimix i didn't think you'd read it so you weren't included
  6. Resigning from Galaxy Gaming

    So i've only told a few people about this but I feel like I'm going to have to resign. Now this is nothing personal do to with any members of staff or players on the servers theres 2 other reasons why I feel like in need to resign. 1. I've been giving the chance to do something more with a new community which is The Fart Jar (if you want to come see me and i might play on Galaxy Gaming for fun). 2. I feel with the new job on Garry's Mod right now I might be comfy with doing my GCSE's when playing for the server. Special Thanks to All 3 Owners Jay, Shadow2hel and Shadowz for being one of the best team of owners that i've come across, Valky For being a very close moderating buddy, Cheese for always making me laugh and everyone else that has made such a good impact on being here. So for my Moderater job on Galaxy Gaming is at a farewell but with that a new chapter opens up with the next server (Good luck to everyone else on Galaxy Gaming and whatever you all do next) as this chapter of my Gmod Histroy concludes. Dark :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. Talked to Allie x as they have Gold Rank but can't seem to get Silver items (Although Bronze work fine). Can i get someone to sought this out please.
  8. DiRT 3

    Wow I was just about to do this lol. Recomended if you like racing games
  9. Recent Inactivity + Retiring

    Shame to see you leave jesse great member of the staff have the best of luck of whatever you do next
  10. Messed up chats

    now that's what i call BANTER TRUE BANTER
  11. We need more players

    well if we're going to get any players for starters the servers need to be updated to cope with the new gmod update (or at least you know what i mean)
  12. Server's down

    good to know thanks
  13. Server's down

    Don't know whats happening but talked to some general players so it's not just on my end. Just need to see if anyone can fix it. Dark
  14. Team Fortress 2 Servers

    If we can get the plan to go into action then i would love to be involved it's qutie a good idea
  15. [split] server suggestions

    yeah this happen today jay i think it would have been 1-2pm