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  1. Sorry for my absence

    Hello I apologize for my absence I've been gone for a while and I'll try to be on more. <3 Zark
  2. Im new

    Welcome @At@ to galaxy gaming
  3. hmm maybe Defiance or maybe Brawlhalla?
  4. I can't use !title

    Idk whats wrong but I apparently don't have acces to the !title command
  5. Gone again

    Im gonna be gone for another week
  6. Some things in the pointshop is not for the HAS servers it says. So my question what is going on?
  7. Gone for quite some time

    I will visit my mom for 2 weeks just so you know
  8. My Custom Model

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=272249278&searchtext=thresh thats the link
  9. My Custom Model

    Im thinking thresh size 1.48 MB Thc