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  1. tell me what I did wrong ?

    Hello joker, I have banned you as you have not seemed to be taking any of the previous warnings into state or therefore exlaiming an issue with these warnings from ashytheneko. We simply want you to remove the item that is causing you to display a enourmous error within game and in doing so rendering your charicter invisible however when any of us bring it up you simply leave the game this was not meant as a ban that signifies you being banned it was a means of getting your attention. Apologies if you thought you did something extremely wrong however in keeping that item equipped you have effectivly spoiled the game for mulitple people who for one cannot see as of the error and cannot catch you because of it either. Once you reply to this and agree to remove it I or another staff member will unban you as quick as we can.
  2. ban appeal

    As the ban holder I believe this is my call. I will unban you but frankly im informing all staff that you are not to be trusted and if you cross any lines to apply your ban once again as this will be the last time we will be doing this do you understand? To regain your trust you will need to prove yourself to not only me but to all players and staff and understand that you are not bigger or more important than anyone else that plays on galaxy gaming servers and I expect you to act like that everyone else including yourself are equal. Your unbanned, Don't disappoint me.
  3. ban appeal

    This will be your final and only chance if we brought you back what will you do to ensure you will not be banned once again.
  4. Ban Appeal Format

    -This should be used for all ban appeal formats, If not used you will not be unbanned- What server were you banned on?: In Game Name: Why were you banned?: Who banned you?: How will you avoid being banned in the future?: Why Should we accept you back?:
  5. Voting Links!

    All votes will receive 1000 In game currency and help the server out a lot! Planet Minecraft: http://bit.ly/2EVZDQD MinecraftServers.org: http://minecraftservers.org/vote/478890 Minecraft-Server.net: http://bit.ly/2Evu5jF Minecraft-Server-List.com: http://bit.ly/2CZuH43 Minecraft-MP.com: http://minecraft-mp.com/server/185255/vote/
  6. ban appeal

    Phaze it will be hard to give you another chance at this point as you have been out of line on to many occasions and you have been warned many times about your actions how do i know this wont happen again.
  7. Snoopy Jr's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned Closing Post.
  8. Snoopy Jr's Unban Appeal

    You will be unbanned as soon as you give me your steamid to do so.
  9. _Cute_Kat_69 Ban appeal

    1. The bye was a quick way to remove you. The real ban reason is multiple offences towards players and staff. 2. If you wish to be unbanned you have to agree to not do anything like this again. 3. I want you to apologise to Dizi in this reply. And i want you to use the word '' Potato '' at the end of your reply so i know you read all of this.
  10. Im new

    Hey there welcome to galaxy gaming!
  11. Ban Appeal Format

    Name: Date Banned: Reason Why You Were Banned: Why you want to be unbanned: How you will avoid being banned in the future: Any other information:
  12. List Of Current Staff!

  13. List Of Current Staff!

    Owners/Dev's: JWGamesUK ShadowZ Founder: Shadow2Hel Head Admin: - Admins: Valky (Silver) Incursu (Gold) BungTheBooce2 Alex_Turnham LeadMod: ZzZHeadShotZzZ Moderators: ZarkCurse (Silver) Darkside73 TMods: GG Ashy The Neko Ari Vaffanculo DiZi Specialists (Retired Staff): Naff Cotton
  14. Ban Appeal Format.

    Name: Date Banned: Reason Why You Were Banned: Why you want to be unbanned: How you will avoid being banned in the future: Any other information:
  15. Already have a GG one setup on defiance.