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  1. Report From Math

    Case closed.
  2. Rlly?

    I remember you, you kept sending trade requests to me as well. I can't comment on the pushing, as that is very subjective, however I can see in the logs you were annoying other players about trading Line 750: [13:52:16] Kapoka: who need trade? Line 776: [13:56:14] Kapoka: who need trade? Line 778: [13:57:08] Kapoka: who need trade?! Line 780: [13:57:45] Kapoka: who need trade? Line 826: [14:05:33] Kapoka: who need trade? Line 917: [14:23:32] Kapoka: go trade? Line 926: [14:25:21] Kapoka: who go trade? Line 965: [14:32:54] Kapoka: who go trade? Line 1037: [14:49:54] Kapoka: maybe trade? Line 1069: [14:56:47] Kapoka: Go trade? Line 1458: [16:20:16] Kapoka: ultra jump cant trade Line 1577: [16:36:27] Kapoka: you sent me trade Line 1731: [16:55:20] Kapoka: accept trade nemo Your ban is only for 3 days and will expire tomorrow, I suggest you take this time to reflect on how you act on my servers, and listen to the staff when they tell you to do something, or in this case stop something.
  3. soo whats the craic

    same old same old here valky still working hard, both in and out of work lol I'm now an official co-author of KMapvote on gmodstore, hopefully be able to get it re-enabled for sale soon
  4. tell me what I did wrong ?

    Posting multiple times will not make us any more likely to unban you, new members (or new to the forum) have to have their posts moderated. Dont spam your post because you can't see it please. @[GG] Incursu whats this about?
  5. ban appeal

    I think we need more details than that. Think about what you were banned for and try again.
  6. jerrylomber Ban Appeal

    Actually scratch my last post, I cant find any trace of you ever playing on my servers
  7. Game won't end!

    Forced a map vote, should be sorted
  8. Robordor - Ban Appeal

    After speaking with Robordor and obtaining further info, I have overturned the ban as this is a feature of the map, and not an exploit
  9. RobordorT8 ban appeal

    I already split your post into a new thread, there was no need to post this one.
  10. Robordor - Ban Appeal

    also you're supposed to make a new topic, not reply to the format post
  11. Robordor - Ban Appeal

    First off, you had to know what you were doing was not intended, and that noone else was doing it, and thus deliberately giving yourself an advantage over others, in direct violation of the rules. Second, I have screenshots of you, today, impossibly high from a moderator. Even if you weren't using the same glitch you are still trying to cheat and/or exploit and I will not have it on my servers. Your ban will stand and in the future if you find anything that can be counted as a bug or exploit, you stop what you are doing and report it to a member of staff, or to one of the owners via a private message.
  12. New Forums

    Ah nevermind, I found you by your Steam ID
  13. New Forums

    I don’t have an old account with this name, could you give me your last couple of aliases?
  14. Ban Appeal Format

    Name: Date Banned: Reason Why You Were Banned: Why you want to be unbanned: How you will avoid being banned in the future: Any other information:
  15. Ban Appeal Format

    Name: Date Banned: Reason Why You Were Banned: Why you want to be unbanned: How you will avoid being banned in the future: Any other information: