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  1. Going back to Garry's Mod

    So today being Wednesday 7th September I have had some serious thinking to do and that was a choice of whether to come back to Garry's Mod or not now I have had from around 4 5PM GMT till 22:40 (10:40PM) to seriously think this through and I have made my choice. Now I will say that I will only be on for recording purposes only so that means if I do not want to record Garry's Mod I may not be on the game at all. See you in a server soon guys MichaelWebb100
  2. Memes of the community

    I like that meme lol
  3. Greetings

    Welcome to GG
  4. if u have to grab one thing out burning house what will it be

    Well my wallet will already be in my pocket as 99% of the time it is in my pocket but I would grab my phone LOL
  5. Custom player model

  6. Custom player model

    No just love the videos lol, I love you more baby
  7. Custom player model

    Babe ffs lol
  8. Custom player model

    20k points WTF Gekke? LOL
  9. Custom player model

    Hey I was wondering if we could have this for a player model http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=398410749&searchtext=player+model
  10. Cya. Nigs.

    Welcome mate
  11. Hello

    Welcome Lobster just a word of warning some people here are not completely sane lol
  12. haii

    Welcome to GG where being sane is a choice lol
  13. Hoi

    Welcome to the insane asylum my friend lol and babe I think EVERYONE knows lol
  14. Concerning trails in H&S

    I like the idea also has this has happened to me when I have been the last hider my trail has screwed me over I say yes please to this
  15. Happy birthday Masaki! (nepgear, plutia, whatever)

    Happy Birthday man!