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      Galaxy Gaming has expanded!
      We now have a DayZ and Minecraft server, connection details can be found in the "Our Servers" list
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      Hi Everyone, 

      As you can see I've upgraded the forums and it's become a bit of a mess. You will need to go into your profile settings and choose to sync your photo with steam manually.



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  1. Is Galaxy Gaming dying?

    I still think it's active here, i went on the HnS server yesterday around 8-9 PM my time (GMT +1) and i got around the 8 or 10 people playing :3
  2. Gang Beast online beta-key giveaway

    The current version is working fine right now
  3. Gang Beast online beta-key giveaway

    Hey guys So recently i have signed in for the gang beast online beta, waiting for a few weeks to get a key, but since i actually have 1 key too much and didn't know what to do with it, i decided to give the key away here ;D I only have one key dou so the first one who active the steam code, claims the game, no whining or begging for another key, if you wish to receive your own key, then sign you in on this website: https://dodistribute.com/access/knof3oKvFd/ Alright ;D here is the key, go and grab it! 47M3X-QKTIV-2BGTV Alright hope you all have a great day!
  4. Where is the activity? :(

    here /._./
  5. Sun Showers