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  1. [SOLVED]My donator rank is gone

    all fixed now thanks maimix
  2. [SOLVED]My donator rank is gone

    I have donated up to silver rank and have gone onto the server's today and no longer have the rank or am able to access the ranks items yet still have the items I took before this happened can someone explain what has happened and of it is a glitch can it get resolved?
  3. Screenshots

    the upload function doesn't work so have to post it like this sorry
  4. [SOLVED]upgrading donation package

    Works great now thanks just upgraded
  5. [SOLVED]upgrading donation package

    Okay thanks
  6. [SOLVED]upgrading donation package

    if i want to upgrade from a bronze package to silver will i have to pay the full £10 for silver or just the difference between the two and if yes how? thanks