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      We now have a DayZ and Minecraft server, connection details can be found in the "Our Servers" list
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      Hi Everyone, 

      As you can see I've upgraded the forums and it's become a bit of a mess. You will need to go into your profile settings and choose to sync your photo with steam manually.



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  1. Rlly?

    What server were you banned on?: Hide And Seek In Game Name: 尼基塔Nuvick卡尔波夫 Why were you banned?: i sent a trade reguest to XxxHeadshotxxX and he give me warn because i'm trade spam, later 1 man pushing admin i'm laugh and this admin give me warn i'm not pushing him Who banned you?: XxxHeadshotxxX How will you avoid being banned in the future?: I'm dont do trade spam Why Should we accept you back?: Because he ban me for (Trolling) he give me mute 2 warns and gag i'm play all day on server and have 10+ skins! ( NOT ME PUSHING HIM)