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  1. [split] server suggestions

    First idc if you perma ban me, this server is bad anyway, I only came on it because some stuff were downloading and I didnt want to just wait. Second I called that guy stupid 1 time and that was when I came on the first time, then when on the day I got banned I asked if hes stupid. Wow thats a lot of occassions in your logic And I dont really care if someone was annoyed, im not going to be playing on this server anymore its just plain retarted. If I were insulting you would see insults and not some kind of baby words. So yeah don't think that I care about me being banned. I wrote that post just to give some tips on your "Server" Not going on this website nor the server. PEACE OUT
  2. [split] server suggestions

    Ok first of all. Nicknames, so you could change another players ign to another. Second better rules, and better admins. I got banned for insulting and advertising, I wasnt advertising anything, there was kickback.com ANOTHER GAME (A CSGO WEBSITE) That could not harm the server in ANY WAY, so I wasnt advertising another server or something. I got banned for insulting although I didnt insult anyone, one time I asked are you stupid? thats it. Now another time I sayed well gfy then, gfy is GOOD FOR YOU that is NOT an insult.