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  1. HNS Server not visible...

    Ahh ok :3
  2. HNS Server not visible...

    Ohh... Well nope that didn't fix my issue And this HnS server is the best one in my opinion so... Now i can't play on it EDIT: Nvm i could just join the server through the legacy browser
  3. HNS Server not visible...

    Do u mean the legacy browser listings? And the HnS gamemode's logo isn't even visible for me
  4. HNS Server not visible...

    So like 2 days ago i noticed that the hide and seek server isn't there... It's been visible all the time until now... Is there any way to fix that?? Here's a picture: http://imgur.com/gallery/eL1CZ And sorry if this is the wrong forum discussion or whatever u call it