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  1. unban me please

    ShadowZ and I dealt with this in TeamSpeak, this has been resolved. Additional info: He was banned for advertising with links in his name, micspam, and ignoring staff. The issuer of the ban was "Diablo Tank." The reason we unbanned was because fraggz brought up important issues and said he wouldn't advertise with links anymore.
  2. Your Gaming Setup

    [spoiler=My Computer]Could you look at my staff application lol jk ill post it later on when I clean my room up
  3. Chat emotes

    Im just going to post the image and text name of emotes that I think should be added to the servers for the lulz. PJSalt - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/36 4Head - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/354 ANELE - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/354 BabyRage - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/22639 BibleThump - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/86 CoolCat - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/58127 DansGame - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/33 EleGiggle - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/4339 FailFish - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/360 KappaPride - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/55338 Kreygasm - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/41 MingLee - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/68856 ResidentSleeper - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/245 TriHard - https://twitchemotes.com/emote/171
  4. CS:GO Knives

    CS:GO knives are love, CS:GO knives are life https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=506283460
  5. Hello

    Welcome to the community Lobster-kun!
  6. Hello people

  7. hello

    Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay in our community!
  8. More Taunts

    To keep up with the "Cool Kids" on the internet, I think we should add these taunts for the lulz. IM ETHAN BRADBERRY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flhbHpD0boM Its yo boi, Ethan from H3H3 (0:00 - 0:04): Vape NayshION! (0:14 - 0:16):
  9. Increase Avatar Size

    I spoke with JW personally and found a fix for this issue. If anyone wants to use their steam profile picture please refer to this post I made: http://www.galaxy-gaming.eu/showthread.php?tid=42&pid=109#pid109
  10. Set Avatar to Steam Profile Picture

    Main Info: On this version of MyBB forums, your avatar will ether be your steam profile picture or the one you set manually. If you have any issues with your manual avatar this post should help you. 1. If you overwrite your steam profile picture manually but want to change it back you have to delete your avatar in "User CP" and log out and log back in. 2. If your steam profile picture is not updating, ether try logging out and logging back in or delete your avatar in "User CP" and log out and in again. 3. If you registered without using your steam creditials but want to add it, you must PM a staff member to manually set it for you. Additional Info: Any changes to your steam name will be updated if you log out and log back in through steam so make sure not to update the wrong name into the forums.
  11. Increase Avatar Size

    For some reason when you log in as a steam user, your profile is set to the 184x184 version of that picture. However it doesn't update for 24hrs and I had a really ugly looking avatar at the time I signed up. When I switched to an uploaded image to the site itself the picture was reduced to a 100x100 pixel image. I was wondering if its possible to increase the size to 184x184 to make custom avatars look the same to other steam avatars.
  12. Heya \o/

    Welcome to the community, Nepgear!
  13. Add More Subforums

    Even though (from what I can recall) we have several other servers that do not have a subforum like the other 4 main servers do. I would like them to be added including other server that may be created so that members can help suggest more features for new or existing servers that aren't listed.
  14. Prop Hunt V2

    Well Im going to post randomly when I think of ideas that could help. They could be server based or maybe it could be based on the gamemode. 1.) I think that spectators should be able to hear all players, or maybe just admins if possible. 2.) The map should change after 20 rounds not 10 because depending on how many players the map time could be short, and people leave after map changes. This way the server can get more people before people leave because of a map change.
  15. Currently I feel as though there isn't enough incentive for people to try and become a GG member. I think it is a great idea for people to have to apply and possibly become a GG member and help support the servers. It would be though if they were to be rewarded with a special rank and some features, but not to serious to be annoying to regular players. For example people who are accepted as a member get a special "Member" prefix to their name and the ability to vote mute and vote kick. They could also gain more points than regular players for continual play on the servers. The only thing that I don't want is exclusive cosmetic features that regular players can not gain, however I feel as though people who donate can receive exclusives.