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old_Mr Meeseeks

I got banned.

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So basicly someone put the in the "please dont joke about cancer my mum got it" (he was talking about someother person) then I put "will I get banned if I say good like 2minutes after.

then one of the mods said yes so I went on to say "I will STFU then".. thats when I got banned.


I dont really wanna get banned as this is my best server to play on whist on GMOD


I know I shouldnt have even responded but I have no sympathy at all, my nan even died of cancer and I didnt even care.

I knows its sick and twisted but its how I roll.

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It was not just this incident. 

You had been warned numerous times to be nice, both in chat and using the warn system.


You knowingly and deliberately go out of your way to try and get a reaction out of other people and show absolutely no remorse for your actions.

I'm sorry but your appeal is denied.



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