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  1. [Project Cancelled]
  2. Ive looked over the Map and can tell you a Instant No. Reason for this is the Map itself is just a Abstract map and not suited for a Hide and Seek Map there are not a lot of Hiding spaces which means People will get caught way too fast and Hide and Seek wont make sense at this Point so my answer is No.
  3. Notes: Time to show the "Secret" More Details.
  4. Ja.
  5. At least not Bigger than the RP Map on Hide and Seek what seems to be way to big for it. (Jay. Thats what she said)
  6. Notes: -Spawn Points are set. Seekers dont die at the beginn -Lightning is in Work kinda making a realistic looking light.
  7. Notice: Final Grid view the last areas are connected. -Hiding spots will be added -Details like paintings snow and more will be added. -Traps included. -Ambience & Lightning in progress -Ultra Secret in Work.
  8. Thank you for the feedback
  9. Notice: Tried something new and set snow.
  10. Notice: The little Pink dot in the Middle of the Grid is actually You. More soon.
  11. http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/creation/images/9/9a/Triggered.gif/revision/latest?cb=20160306005747[/img]
  12. Idk why, but that feels like a reference to kino der toten (cod bo1 zombies) Maybe
  13. Thats all for you now. I dont want to show more of this lol. Just keep waiting it wont take that much anymore.
  14. Hasoo0oooOOoON