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  1. Hey guys, I am officially going to be resigning from my post as a mod on the servers. I had a lot of fun with you guys, while it lasted. It's just that I have to give more importance to my studies now because it only gets harder from here. That, and I really need to spend time with my family alot more 'cus I don't want to miss a single moment with them. I'd like to thank Mama F00Lio for inspiring me to join this community, 'cus he seemed like a cool d00d when I first logged on to the hns galaxy servers and even though he seemed like he didn't like me, I still liked him. And shadow2hel, thanks for not being pissed at me constantly after the 'incident' with the you-know-who and the you-know-what. A special thanks to everyone who thought that I would be a good enough moderator and an apology for breaking the rules whenever I did (although I loved every minute of the crime). Jesse, I doubt you'll even read this, but thanks for being a good friend to me and for all the times you made laugh with your inappropriate jokes and gags. As for you Cheese, lay off the goats, but I hope you stay the same stupid guy I know and love. I wish you all good luck and I hope I leave you all with an acceptable, if not good, impression of myself. Good Bye.
  2. There were quite a few people when I went on the HnS server a few weeks ago. It probably just depends on what time you go there. Also, hi : ^)
  3. It's nice m8.
  4. Lmao, instant block.
  5. Golf is the one with touchdowns and homeruns right? : ^)
  6. Like saving us pls? :^) Y u do dis ;-;
  7. The basic ones e.g peasant should be purchasable from the pointshop, but the cool sounding ones should be acquirable through other methods.
  8. That classifies as hot : ^)
  9. I-I can barely read that cus of teh colours
  10. How Kinky : ^)
  11. [video=youtube] That accurately represents how I feel after F00L-sama oppressed me with his cis white male priviliges. As Shadow2hel once said, pics or it didn't happen.
  12. Uhm this is actually what F00Lio-sama said to me via steam text. [GG] F00L J: I wanna stick my gun up your bum Whiskas. This is totally legit and it triggered me.
  13. Damn you ;-;
  14. Pics or it didn't happen I-I'm not sure if you would really want to see me fuck that man ;^)
  15. I-I think this is a pretty hilarious video if you ask me. [video=youtube]https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lJpW1gxWrRA
  16. [GG] Glorious Whiskas: I want to fuck a black Japanese man from the middle east [GG] Glorious Whiskas: cum [GG] Glorious Whiskas: cum [GG] Glorious Whiskas: F00L'S DICK [GG] Glorious Whiskas: cum
  17. I agree, add more plot.
  18. That would be delightful papa (mama) F00L ;^)
  19. Don't add Jesse's, add mine instead :3 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=664776235&searchtext=nagisa
  20. That has fungus growing
  21. I would grab my Sex Master 2000inator: The Pocket Pleasure. kek
  22. A German atheist crossfitter
  23. fine, round, sexy cookie
  24. Welcome D00D
  25. tickle his little pickle