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  1. Toilet will be added tomorrow. jk, they're a bunch of really good models by the looks of them, but we'll have to check some other stuff out first before adding them. But these are definitely a maybe, after we remove some unused old ones.
  2. Welcome to GG's Hide and Seek, we hope you enjoy your stay! Here are a couple of rules you should follow: No racism Be respectful No exploiting glitches/bugs No cheating Listen to staff If you have any urgent matters that concern the server, do not hesitate to contact JWGamesUK. He's currently the developer for Hide and Seek. By applying on the forums you can also become trusted, which makes you gain exclusive items in the Pointshop. Trusted is also a required rank if you wish to become a staff member. Donators are above trusted, thus they do not need to apply for trusted to apply for staff. We also have a teamspeak server(galaxy-gaming.eu) which is on the sidebar of the forums, so come join us to have a little chat if you'd like! If you have any reports, suggestions, you're free to post them in this category under bug reports/suggestions and we will gladly look into it.
  3. I hope you'll be able to survive
  4. Hi!

    Ello there mate
  5. Which has explosive diarrhea every day.
  6. This is something that's coded in the gamemode itself, so we'll have to look into it .
  7. This will be a thread entirely dedicated to our wonderful people that help us run the servers! Top Donators: IOMJ ? NourFarrag - £150 The Negative One - £125 Чагинтон чух-чух - £60 PrimalUnboundHoopa - £55 kuja66613 - £50 letsweek - £50 Donators(Chronologically): JWGamesUK - £5 (peasant) Viola Stars - £10 valky - £10 Google™ Docs - £10 Kowmarii - £5 Ajanky - £20 Hop - £30 Allie x - £20 L!nki - £25 [TLG][GG]<3cotton<3[PDS][TDT] - £20 [OG] Bot Brian - £20 Heightspot - £20 PrimalUnboundHoopa - £55 [GG]Equestrian_Gurl - £20 IOMJ ? NourFarrag - £150 Caoimhe ❤ - £15 viper - £10 The Negative One - £125 jokke-_-pappa - £60 .TwistyNips. - £20 letsweek - £50 Life is just a Meme!!!! - £10 DayArmyy | Hellcase.com - £10 jegeone - £10 Razorcat - £10 SCPSS-682 - £5 WhidoX | OnTue$day - £20 - This player has issued a chargeback on the dontation which is currently under review. They are banned from the servers. maxim - £25 [GG] Incursu - £20 kuja66613 - £50 ripsphotography - £20 Meinu - £20 papamario - £35 All in all, so far the community has donated £935!
  8. I'm conflicted about this. The creator gave flashlights to the seekers, but not the hiders. I'm not sure why he did that, but I have a feeling it would be some sort of balancing. I'm not so sure if we should implement flashlights for hiders as well.
  9. I live in Belgium, so that bit I do know
  10. Bienvenue mon ami! You're Engrish fine, axe Jay.
  11. Sure! Np about atrocity
  12. Thank you for the suggestions! I'll be looking into them shortly . EDIT: Bangclaw and downtown will be added after a server restart. Desert_atrocity won't be added because it's buggy as all hell, players can glitch to all kinds of spots. We used to have that map, but had to remove it because of that reason.
  13. Welcome to the community!
  14. It's going back up now.