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  1. Phaze it will be hard to give you another chance at this point as you have been out of line on to many occasions and you have been warned many times about your actions how do i know this wont happen again.
  2. Unbanned Closing Post.
  3. You will be unbanned as soon as you give me your steamid to do so.
  4. 1. The bye was a quick way to remove you. The real ban reason is multiple offences towards players and staff. 2. If you wish to be unbanned you have to agree to not do anything like this again. 3. I want you to apologise to Dizi in this reply. And i want you to use the word '' Potato '' at the end of your reply so i know you read all of this.
  5. Hey there welcome to galaxy gaming!
  6. Name: Date Banned: Reason Why You Were Banned: Why you want to be unbanned: How you will avoid being banned in the future: Any other information:
  7. Owners/Dev's: JWGamesUK ShadowZ Founder: Shadow2Hel Head Admin: - Admins: Valky (Silver) Incursu (Gold) BungTheBooce2 Alex_Turnham LeadMod: ZzZHeadShotZzZ Moderators: ZarkCurse (Silver) Darkside73 TMods: GG Ashy The Neko Ari Vaffanculo DiZi Specialists (Retired Staff): Naff Cotton
  8. Name: Date Banned: Reason Why You Were Banned: Why you want to be unbanned: How you will avoid being banned in the future: Any other information:
  9. Already have a GG one setup on defiance.
  10. I am now back from holiday and i am resuming my position instantly.
  11. *Old one is blank* Your Name: Time it happened: Date DD/MM/YY: Their name: Their Steam ID (If possible): What they did: Witnesses (If any):
  12. Please don't spam my Skype till 5pm UK time as i work nights and I prefer not to be woken up there is other active staff you can pester until that time. Thanks! Incursu :Edit: I meant steam
  13. Headshot you could just give me a hand with it you know haha
  14. Already working on it buddy haha
  15. You must post here : http://www.galaxy-gaming.eu/forumdisplay.php?fid=22 Using this application format : http://www.galaxy-gaming.eu/showthread.php?tid=6
  16. Nice ideas i will forward this to the owner!
  17. Hi

    Thanks for your comment and we are glad you enjoy the server. See you online! -Incursu
  18. No worries man take care!
  19. Apologies from the staff team on the recent issues with the server we have been working on it and it is now fixed we thank you all for your patience. Any issues with anything to do with the server please ask the staff team for assistance or comment on this thread. In light of these errors there will be an airdrop party hosted between 8pm and 9pm BST airdrops will be 1 a minute this is a great time to come online with your friends and get those lovely skins you all want! Thank you for your patience and thanks for reading.
  20. I appriciate your apology and im sure the other people do to. Make sure this doesnt happen again if you get mad or annoyed speak to staff or take a time out we dont want you to be banned but if it keeps up like this then unfortunatly it may come to that i hope you understand this.
  21. Yeah just like +4-5 people
  22. Players have been recently constantly begging for points and also asking me and possibly other staff members for points. Just a reminder we are not there to give out points we are there to help any issues any points given by us are our own points that we played for so if anyone thinks it's unfair that staff are giving points to people and not you just remember it is our own points not spawned in points. Additionally if your asking players for points if they tell you to stop then stop asking. And also a serious note if you have been scammed or anything else report it to staff or post it on the forums please DO NOT take the matter into your own hands. Personally I do give away my points I gain to help newer members but if you beg for them I will just ask you to stop and so will the rest of the staff. Thanks for reading Incursu.
  23. Needs updating <3
  24. No bother mate take care hope to see you back soon!