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  1. After speaking with Robordor and obtaining further info, I have overturned the ban as this is a feature of the map, and not an exploit
  2. I already split your post into a new thread, there was no need to post this one.
  3. also you're supposed to make a new topic, not reply to the format post
  4. First off, you had to know what you were doing was not intended, and that noone else was doing it, and thus deliberately giving yourself an advantage over others, in direct violation of the rules. Second, I have screenshots of you, today, impossibly high from a moderator. Even if you weren't using the same glitch you are still trying to cheat and/or exploit and I will not have it on my servers. Your ban will stand and in the future if you find anything that can be counted as a bug or exploit, you stop what you are doing and report it to a member of staff, or to one of the owners via a private message.
  5. Ah nevermind, I found you by your Steam ID
  6. Hi everyone, as you can see we have migrated our forums to a new system. Unfortunately this means that your previous accounts, while migrated, do not work with the new Steam login system. After you have signed in, please post below and I will go and manually fix up your account to have the right rank and merge all your previous posts. -Jay
  7. I don’t have an old account with this name, could you give me your last couple of aliases?
  8. Name: Date Banned: Reason Why You Were Banned: Why you want to be unbanned: How you will avoid being banned in the future: Any other information:
  9. Name: Date Banned: Reason Why You Were Banned: Why you want to be unbanned: How you will avoid being banned in the future: Any other information:
  10. Name: Date Banned: Reason Why You Were Banned: Why you want to be unbanned: How you will avoid being banned in the future: Any other information:
  11. Hello everyone, recently I've been thinking about expanding Galaxy Gaming into other games than GarrysMod. However I would like to find out what games you would actually play. Put suggestions in the thread below and I will add them to the poll to be voted on. Now I can't guarantee that certain games will actually be hosted (for example DayZ costs as much a month to run as the current gmod servers, so running this would double my monthly costs) but I will seriously consider the results. -Jay
  12. I don’t believe Defiance has hosted servers, although if there are clans or guilds on them go ahead and set up a GG one same with brawlhalla, there are no servers as it’s all P2P. We do have a clan on it though, remind me to add you to it if you want this is more for games where we can set up our own servers directly
  13. done
  14. I'm on my phone right now so I'll merge up when I get home tonight
  15. done
  16. yours is already merged!
  17. yep, all merged up now
  18. Done!
  19. Hey no worries Headshot, I fully appreciate how hard it is to find maps, I've been at it for a long time Tip: make sure you're subscribed to ULX (and Ulib) then you can turn the gravity down easily to see if you can jump out
  20. This will be my third attempt at posting a reply to this, I keep getting pulled away with other stuff. TTT_Concrete http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=345337612 (Size: Medium) A really good map, a lot of spots to hide and run, maybe the best of my list... JWG - Agree, I think I'm going to add this one, probably 10-20 players ttt_geekroom http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=423424850 (Size: Medium) Looks like teenroom and deathcookin but a bit bigger... JWG - This one keeps coming up and I really don't like it. Plus there's an area that can be locked off so you can't get in. rp_blacklake http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=456227892 (Size: Big/Huge) A big and open map, but with good some spots to hide... JWG - You aren't kidding when you say big. I've seen this map before and discarded it on the amount of places I would have to block off where you can get over the walls and outside hns_waterplant http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=365636717 (Size: Big) A little bit dark, but no problems to play hns... JWG - Actually already on my list of maps to add. We used to have this map and I can't remember why it was removed. 20+ players ttt_scarisland_b1 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=185635263 (Size: Small) A small island map, maybe the smallest of my list, have some good spots to hide and a good open area... JWG - Generally I dislike maps with a lot of water because it too cheaty a spot to go hide in. It's one of those maps that has to have a small player count because there aren't many spots to hide, but at the same time its too big and open for just a few players. ttt_vannah http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=442279607 (Size: Medium) I'm not sure about this map, looks good, but I don't know, and maybe need L4D2 textures... JWG - I don't even need jump boosters to get out of the map on this one Coast Manor http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=330698179 (Size: Medium/Big) I really enjoy this map, theres a lot of places to hide or just run, its a bit dark, but theres one problem, the grass is floating... JWG - A lot of players found this map to be really buggy so I've removed it previously. I can re-add it again and see how we get on. 16-24 players ttt_villahouse http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=863285618 (Size: Small) Simple(and small) but good, the only problem here is the annoying noise of the helicopter(if theres a way to remove/silence the helicopter the map can be good)... JWG - There are new areas to the map that have been added since the old prop hunt version of the map, I'm just wondering if there are enough places to hide to make this a hide and seek map... I'll have to think about this one. Desolation http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=304266718 (Size: Medium) Nothing special here, some good spots to hide and a big open area... JWG - Good map for hiders, not so good for the seekers I think. Too big and would take too long to run to all of the edges.
  21. Incursu is working on it, however I could adjust the pointshop integration and airdrops easily enough. New hats is a bit trickier, I'd have to constantly be finding new models to use. If you find anything, please let me know Extra Suggestion - no can do, it's not my addon. Pointshop 2 is a ridiculously complicated addon and I don't like messing with the code I'll suggest it to the author though
  22. sorted!
  23. Server probably restarted
  24. Snow Miku: no more Miku models, please Spider-Man: as from other posts, the legs fuck up when landing Toon Link: I want to add this model, but until I can rework pointshop to prevent certain accessories being used with it (midget mode) it's just too short. Bill Cipher: we used to have this model, it's so broken Teletubby: the stuff nightmares are made of! Luckily the legs are a bit fucked up too Old Dragonslayer: will be added Momiji Inubashiri: I really dont have a good reason not to add this one other than dying a little inside at adding more anime models Fairy Fencer F: Ragdoll only, not a playermodel