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  1. First idc if you perma ban me, this server is bad anyway, I only came on it because some stuff were downloading and I didnt want to just wait. Second I called that guy stupid 1 time and that was when I came on the first time, then when on the day I got banned I asked if hes stupid. Wow thats a lot of occassions in your logic And I dont really care if someone was annoyed, im not going to be playing on this server anymore its just plain retarted. If I were insulting you would see insults and not some kind of baby words. So yeah don't think that I care about me being banned. I wrote that post just to give some tips on your "Server" Not going on this website nor the server. PEACE OUT
  2. Ok first of all. Nicknames, so you could change another players ign to another. Second better rules, and better admins. I got banned for insulting and advertising, I wasnt advertising anything, there was kickback.com ANOTHER GAME (A CSGO WEBSITE) That could not harm the server in ANY WAY, so I wasnt advertising another server or something. I got banned for insulting although I didnt insult anyone, one time I asked are you stupid? thats it. Now another time I sayed well gfy then, gfy is GOOD FOR YOU that is NOT an insult.