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    Phaze it will be hard to give you another chance at this point as you have been out of line on to many occasions and you have been warned many times about your actions how do i know this wont happen again.
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    You will be unbanned as soon as you give me your steamid to do so.
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    Welcome @At@ to galaxy gaming
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    Hey there welcome to galaxy gaming!
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    Hi i want to know if i could become trusted i like the server very well and i will always play the server.
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    hi, i have a suggestion. maybe you should add a flashlight to the accessoires tab for the hiders. they could use that to see in dark areas. that would seem very helpful in some cases since there are plenty of places on maps where you can't see a thing. hopefully you can do something with this, kind regards, Deine ich
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    A huge thank you to all of you who have donated (excluding my test donation of course!)
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    First idc if you perma ban me, this server is bad anyway, I only came on it because some stuff were downloading and I didnt want to just wait. Second I called that guy stupid 1 time and that was when I came on the first time, then when on the day I got banned I asked if hes stupid. Wow thats a lot of occassions in your logic And I dont really care if someone was annoyed, im not going to be playing on this server anymore its just plain retarted. If I were insulting you would see insults and not some kind of baby words. So yeah don't think that I care about me being banned. I wrote that post just to give some tips on your "Server" Not going on this website nor the server. PEACE OUT I guess there's no point in arguing with you anymore, considering I was literally looking at the logs. You leaving us won't give us an empty space in our heart, you'll be just another butthurt player who doesn't get what he wants .
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    Thats all for you now. I dont want to show more of this lol. Just keep waiting it wont take that much anymore.
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    Some people might wonder how our current Staff Team looks like, so I decided to make this thread to make people know. If there is anyone I might have forgotten, feel free to tell me. Owners: @"[GG] Shadow2hel" @"گнadoѡZ" @"[GG]JWGamesUK" Admin: Moderators: @"[GG] xpertcheese" @"valky" Trial Moderators:
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    Hello from the Counter-Strike, i must've respawned a thousand times! and i'm sorry! for stealing your AWP
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    this is something me and ahmed suggest for a new server http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=459807559&searchtext=slender it would be nice if this happend, and if so: let chaos commence
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    I like that idea. What we also could do is have the non slender team have their own ps items.
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    This actually does look kinda interesting to me, I'm interested. Actually, why don't we just replace the TTT server with this, The TTT server is always empty anyway
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    As you know, some air drop crates contain RARE or VERY RARE pointshop items, but, they aren't kinda worth anything atm, they have no selling price. That's why I want to try ask, if its possible if you could make sell prices for RARE items, that would make having RARE items much more valuable EDIT: Also uncommon items, if possible