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      Galaxy Gaming has expanded!
      We now have a DayZ and Minecraft server, connection details can be found in the "Our Servers" list
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      Status IP Address Server Name Current Map Players Owner More
    gmod Online galaxy-gaming.eu:27016 [EU]Galaxy-Gaming|Hide and Seek|Pointshop|Jukebox has_halfdocks
    15 / 32
    { { { { {
    Player Name Score Time Played
    ZzZHeadShotZzZ 10 frags 1 hour, 40 minutes and 40 seconds
    UgandaKnuckles 0 frags 57 minutes and 30 seconds
    dartax768 0 frags 52 minutes and 44 seconds
    Nodi 0 frags 51 minutes and 58 seconds
    ACG 10 frags 42 minutes and 22 seconds
    IzzyWizzy 9 frags 39 minutes and 55 seconds
    Terror_cat 3 frags 25 minutes and 30 seconds
    Aurora Borealis 12 frags 24 minutes and 54 seconds
    banana 9 frags 16 minutes and 22 seconds
    Nick 6 frags 11 minutes and 54 seconds
    wlegnokke 0 frags 10 minutes and 51 seconds
    gmod Online galaxy-gaming.eu:27015 [EU]Galaxy Gaming|PropHunt|Pointshop|Jukebox ph_fancyhouse
    4 / 32
    Player Name Score Time Played
    Mudkiep 1 frag 27 minutes and 21 seconds
    Demonkuchiki 3 frags 26 minutes and 31 seconds
    24 0 frags 22 minutes and 49 seconds
    Lack-Of-Talnet 0 frags 2 minutes and 20 seconds
    gmod Online galaxy-gaming.eu:27027 [EU]Galaxy Gaming|Guess Who|Pointshop|Jukebox gw_italy
    0 / 32
    No Players
    gmod Online galaxy-gaming.eu:27050 [EU]Galaxy-Gaming|The Hidden|In Beta Phase hdn_kindergarten
    0 / 32
    No Players
    gmod Online galaxy-gaming.eu:27037 [EU]Galaxy-Gaming|Battle Royale|In Beta Phase gm_marsh
    0 / 32
    No Players
    minecraft Online GG Minecraft world
    4 / 40
    Player Name
    dayz Online [EU]Galaxy Gaming|Community Server dayz_Auto
    0 / 30
    No Players
    Fill servers: 10%
    Total Servers: 9 Online Servers: 9 Total Players: 30 Total Slots: 294 Most Players: 142 Last Updated:


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    • Hello joker, I have banned you as you have not seemed to be taking any of the previous warnings into state or therefore exlaiming an issue with these warnings from ashytheneko.  We simply want you to remove the item that is causing you to display a enourmous error within game and in doing so rendering your charicter invisible however when any of us bring it up you simply leave the game this was not meant as a ban that signifies you being banned it was a means of getting your attention. Apologies if you thought you did something extremely wrong however in keeping that item equipped you have effectivly spoiled the game for mulitple people who for one cannot see as of the error and cannot catch you because of it either. Once you reply to this and agree to remove it I or another staff member will unban you as quick as we can.  
    • Posting multiple times will not make us any more likely to unban you, new members (or new to the forum) have to have their posts moderated. Dont spam your post because you can't see it please.   @[GG] Incursu whats this about?
    • why do you ban me , " reason You have been told to remove that requset an unban @ Galaxy-Gaming.eu " what is the request that you are talking about which request you have told me I dond get any message from you... -me today- I got some time to play so trying to play in the map but I was need to download the map it took me the time but when I got to play finally I was going for 1 round because I didn't have time to play at mid day so I disconnected and now(mid night) when I finally got the time to play I going to play then I got the >Ban message< now I can't have fun in the server because I got >Ban message<
      so I am asking why I got ban and
      can you remove the ban...?
      how can it be to get ban of 1 round ... that's why I got ban of playing only 1 round ?
      wow I am playing for 2 years this server and get ban of playing of 1 round... please remove the ban
      my yousr name : joker_xd_xpp    /      JOKER
      the name of the guy ban me : [GG] Incursu
    • thank you kind sir, if you dont expeect anything from me then i cant dissapoint you ~ Phaze_7 jokes dont worry mister i will behave
    • As the ban holder I believe this is my call. I will unban you but frankly im informing all staff that you are not to be trusted and if you cross any lines to apply your ban once again as this will be the last time we will be doing this do you understand? To regain your trust you will need to prove yourself to not only me but to all players and staff and understand that you are not bigger or more important than anyone else that plays on galaxy gaming servers and I expect you to act like that everyone else including yourself are equal.   Your unbanned, Don't disappoint me.