Terms of Service

Galaxy Gaming Terms & Conditions of Purchase!

1. If you are under the age of 18, please do not purchase any items from our donation page without your legal guardian's consent. We are not liable or responsible for any issues arising from this rule not being respected. We will punish to the fullest extent (ban from our servers) anyone caught fraudulently purchasing items from our donation page.

2. If for some reason your purchase didnt go through or has not been able to work please contact JWGamesUK, Shadow2Hel, ShadowZ or Incursu1. Please do not proceed to then harass our staff as we will be along shortly to deal with the issue.

3. Under no circumstances must a donation be refunded without speaking to us first. Any player who initiates a chargeback will have their access to the server suspended untill the dispute is resolved. If the chargeback is sucessful the player will be banned from the server.

4. Donating does NOT exempt a player from following the rules. All players are expected to follow the rules, and no refund will be offered should you get banned as a result of your actions on the server.

5. If you have a issue with your rank in game for example something does not work please contact Incursu1 on discord or in game or on the forums.

6. All donations are EULA compliant and will continue to be if the EULA changes or disagree's with our donations ranks would then have to change however this is doubtful.

7. The donation shop is managed by the owners of the server, who is not affiliated in any way with Garrysmod or Steam. For any legal issues, please contact us via Discord, Forums or in game.