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      New Games   12/02/17

      Galaxy Gaming has expanded!
      We now have a DayZ and Minecraft server, connection details can be found in the "Our Servers" list
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      Forum Upgrade   02/26/18

      Hi Everyone, 

      As you can see I've upgraded the forums and it's become a bit of a mess. You will need to go into your profile settings and choose to sync your photo with steam manually.

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    • Hello I apologize for my absence I've been gone for a while and I'll try to be on more. <3 Zark
    • Did you really post this?  You just was muted because you was spamming youtube links and other things on the chat...  And was for 3 rounds only(the 3 last rounds of that map)....
    • this report is for ZzZHeadShotZzZ because he muted me wich i understand but never unmuted me. And he can't stand a joke
    • I remember you, you kept sending trade requests to me as well.
      I can't comment on the pushing, as that is very subjective, however I can see in the logs you were annoying other players about trading

      Line 750: [13:52:16] Kapoka: who need trade?
      Line 776: [13:56:14] Kapoka: who need trade?
      Line 778: [13:57:08] Kapoka: who need trade?!
      Line 780: [13:57:45] Kapoka: who need trade?
      Line 826: [14:05:33] Kapoka: who need trade?
      Line 917: [14:23:32] Kapoka: go trade?
      Line 926: [14:25:21] Kapoka: who go trade?
      Line 965: [14:32:54] Kapoka: who go trade?
      Line 1037: [14:49:54] Kapoka: maybe trade?
      Line 1069: [14:56:47] Kapoka: Go trade?
      Line 1458: [16:20:16] Kapoka: ultra jump cant trade
      Line 1577: [16:36:27] Kapoka: you sent me trade
      Line 1731: [16:55:20] Kapoka: accept trade nemo Your ban is only for 3 days and will expire tomorrow, I suggest you take this time to reflect on how you act on my servers, and listen to the staff when they tell you to do something, or in this case stop something.